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ICON e-Notice Board

ICON e-notice board is a customisable Digital Dynamic Signage solution developed and marketed by ICON e-solutions, India. The ICON e-notice board typically consist of a display screen mounted in either horizondal or vertical mode, that shows information, advertisement and other messages connected to a Digital Media player. The solution have three modules Content Manager, Cockpit and Player. TV channels, Live streaming, video footages are also can be shown on mosaic, so that the display will be easily converted as in house-info channel!

Interactive Cockpit

This as an easy tool for Interactive Digital Dynamic Signage (IDDS),which eliminates the complications of “software user Interface”.

Swift DDS

The installation of ICON CMS is very simple; transferrable to other PCs can be in multiple PCs and can be installed in less than 1 minute!

Customisable Signage

Any specific requirement of a customer can be addressable and ICON will deliver the best solution for the same. A dedicated team is deployed for R&D and product integration.

Unicode text support

The ICON CMS display text as Announcements, Scrolling & Tickers. Text can be in any language, it support UNICODE text from MSWORD and Data Grid from EXCEL / SQL

Integrate with MIS

Display any data from the existing system, like Token numbers,Patient information in ICUs, FOREX rates,Availability of Meeting halls

Pre-defined Templates

The ICON CMS eliminates the complications of content creation from its modules, the software use pre-defined templates to make different screen layouts.


The e-notice board circuit provides most advanced, economical and simple way to convey messages to the thousands of people every day.

Business Verticals

Banks & Financial Institutions

Display interest rates, loan schemes, investment plans, other banking products, branch specific information and other announcements along with live web feed

Schools and Universities

Share creative multimedia presentations, social and athletic programs, administrative announcements and university news. Live video feed of seminars and cultural events

Places of worship

Display general messages for pilgrims, instant announcements and schedule of upcoming events, share sermon highlights and hymn lyrics to encourage participation.

Hospitals & Health care centers

Keep patients and visitors educated and engaged about important health issues, treatments and patient success stories, promote health care campaigns along with token display or announcements.

Food courts , Hotel and Restaurants

Display available menu of the day, promote special of the day, display custom cuisines, promote combo and special offers, display personalised messages and greetings along with token announcements.

Digital OOH and Advertising Networks

Custom solutions for content management, scheduling and player management of professional public display networks. Multi-zone, multi-location situation specific display solutions.

Our Customers

Customisable Digital Signage Solution

Any specific requirement of a customer can be addressable and ICON will deliver the best solution for it. A dedicated team is deployed for R&D and product integration

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